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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Oh Pyaari.....

I am beginning my writeups with an old yet memorable song of Vijay….

If Poove Unakaagha was a landmark film in Vijay’s career, this song is a landmark song for Vijay’s style. For I don’t remember seeing him so stylish and well dressed ever before this song happened.

It was those golden days of S.A.Rajkumar where he managed to churn out every song in a movie enjoyable in some way or the other. This song sung by S.A. Rajkumar himself along with another music director Adithyan, is all about guys freaking out in youth.

The lyrics may seem to be little outdated with mentions to Naghma and Arvindswamy… :-D However, one should remember the craze they had in TamilNadu at that time (More than 10 yrs back)

The song has some enjoyable lyrics like:

“Chinese Noodles nee thaan Tomato Sauceum Naan thaan
Idhu fast food kaalam adi waste vetkam naanam naanam…”

“Appakkal seiyaadha thappa Thaathakal sindhaadha jolla
Vaalibathil rightum illa wrongum illamma”

(Tamil Culture Protection Unions and Anti-English forces kindly excuse)

The most important element in the song is Vijay’s dance movements and stylish acts in this song, which were good enough to portray him as a dude (Of course, he was not one at that time by looks or any other way).

Even today the song stands out as one of the memorable numbers amongst old Vijay songs.

You can listen to this song online (I hope) by selecting from the list in this link.


  • At 1:34 AM , Blogger Venky said...

    ya da it ws a song that at that time made ppl sit up and take notice

  • At 2:38 AM , Blogger bestofbala said...

    A multishot where he walks with same white pants and diff tshirts ....

    A black jean, black tshirt combo... all wet hair with cooling glass... suddenly shots having close cut hair (a preview of his next Maanbumigu maanavan movie) are all loveable.

    I have wondered he had sung Aravindswamy and now so many gals go craze on himself.


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