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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mercury Poove

Looks like, I am in full swing. This is my all time favourite. The fact that vijay sported his usual hair do only in this song, for this movie, made me to love this song so much. One of the best works from Yuvan, till date. Everytime I hear/see this, I feel this song ends so fastly, must have been longer.

Black apparels and his jean with red tee - Absolute trademark of vijay's mastery over chosing his clothes. Again, forget about Meera Jasmine. He should ve chosen somebody younger for his looks, for this movie.

People who defend this is a bad song, call my mobile anytime to argue.

Oodha Oodha ...

A typical vijay duet ! A Delight ! To watch him do small mannerisms, movements, his apparels, his close ups, smiles. Forget Rambha. vijay fans don't see ladies in Vijay's movies :-)
One of the nice moments in this otherwise flop movie.

Absolute Romantic Breeze !

Most of the die-hard vijay fan would have guessed the song. This film is start of vijay to one such pinnacle what he is in now. Movie is action masala which is almost called as "vijay formula" now a days. The song is "Azhagooril Poothavale". This looked like yet another romantic duet shot on foreign locales. I was tired of seeing and hoping vijay would make a hit movie. A sting of flops. Vain attempt to change hairdo, Larger than life roles in a sagging screenplay, poor imitations of telugu or Rajinikanth movies all had made me tired really, dog-tired.

The song showed the genuine love in the eyes of Vijay. It had been very long time to see vijay emoting so naturally and well. Though chemistry between vijay & Jyo was not the best, the song really appealed to me.

There is a "SPB" factor in this song that made me instantly fall in love with this. A good one worth bookmarking for long time.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Arjunaru Villu - The Ghilli Special

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Vijay Old Song-1

This is a song from one of Vijay's old films Maanbumigu Maanavan. Its a song tuned by Deva and sung by Suresh Peters. Very peppy and youthful number!!!

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Kannum Kannumthaan Kalandhaachu...

One of the few Vijay songs that falls under “Different” category. Appearing in the second half of the movie, this song is like a breeze among storms, waterfall in a desert.. hee hee, classy song in a mass movie.
Set in tune by guest composer ManiSharma and choreographed by Shobi Paulraj, this song is a real entertainer. It runs for 5 minutes and 56 seconds(very lengthy for a Vijay song) but never bores you.
Harish Raghavendra sounds good as usual while Uma Ramanan makes a comeback after a long time.
Vijay and Trisha, one of the best onscreen pair is a delight to watch in this song. Sporting different looks in different costumes, naughty expressions, great chemistry… It makes me think every time I watch this song “Why don’t they act together in every movie?” :-D

Picturised in beautiful locales of South Africa (I guess so) this rap+ melody+ dance number is totally different from usual mass songs of Vijay.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Irupadhu Koodi

Any vijay fan could not be unaware of this song from Thulladha Manamum Thullum. I remember to have seen this movie second time just for this song. The movie is technically unsavory that tests viewers patience and most of the scenes had badly dressed vijay unlike his other movies.

This song, being a slow romantic melody, brings an excellent refresh everytime its watched. As usual vijay's costumes are awesome and his mannerisms and movements for this songs are enjoyable still. Vijay tried to be "Cool" like SRK and I felt that was cheap, people who have seen Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and this song so close can understand what I mean here.

A favourite song of mine on IT Vijay !

Thursday, August 31, 2006

One film Wonders - Part 2

Manoj Bhatnagar: If someone remembers a Vijay movie called “Endrendrum Kaadhal” that released in late 90’s they will remember Manoj. It was supposed to be his comeback movie after a long time but both the film and its music sank without a trace. Nevertheless, the title song. Oh Thendrale, Chalakku Chalakku, Pogaadhe Naadodi Nanba etc were nice to listen.

Devi Sri Prasad: This Chennai based Telugu music director stole the hearts of all Vijay fans with his music in Sachien especially the song Kanmoodi Thirakkumbodhu. And he made Vijay sing after a long gap with Vaadi Vaadi, a typical gaana, which was a run away hit among Vijay fans. Other memorable tunes are the Beat of Sachien and Gundu Maanga. There was an unfortunate bitter experience with respect to copyrights since he used the tune of a Telugu song for “Dei Dei Dei”. The song was retuned with same lyrics and visuals after the film released. He has also composed a single song “Kattu Kattu” in Thiruppachi.

Ramana Gokula: Yet another music director from Telugu who worked for the remake movie Badri. Angel Vandhaale and King of Chennai were the new tunes while Kaadhal Solvadhu, Travelling Soldier theme and Vijay’s own Ennoda Laila were retained from Telugu original “Thammudu”. All songs were hits.

Dheena: This music director from small screen who created waves with Manmadha Raasa created news once again with “Kumbida Pona Deivam” with the same lead singers in Thiruppachi. This song and the intro song of Vijay “Nee endha ooru” were big hits. But this was not his complete album. He shared credits with Devi Sri Prasad and Mani Sharma for one song each.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One film Wonders - Part 1

There are Music directors like Ilayaraja, Vidhyasagar, Deva and Manisharma who have composed music for many Vijay films each. On the other hand, there is another list which as of today features music directors who have done only a single film of Vijay till now in their career. I hope the following listing does not miss anyone in this category.

Yuvan Shankar Raja: The hottest songs of the day are from his studio. But the music he did for Vijay’s Pudhiya Geethai was just mediocre. Songs like Vasiyakaara and Mercury poove were good to listen, but the spirit of Vijay film music was certainly missing. Vijay’s fans expect Yuvan’s music in a Vijay’s future film very eagerly.

A.R.Rahman: The Isai Puyal did a movie Udhaya with Vijay and it had a music as forgettable as the movie. Thiruvellikeni Rani and Udhaya Udhaya were two good numbers but didn’t create much impact in fan’s minds. With Rahman shifting to the Worldspace through International assignments, there is hardly a chance for this combination to be back again.

D Imman: Imman had a few hit albums to his credit of late, but it was Vijay’s Thamizhan that provided a launch pad for the hence small screen composer. Songs like Hot Party and Maatu Maatu were hits. Not to forget Ullathai Killadhe, which had the lead pair of Vijay and Priyanka Chopra crooning a duet.

Srikanth Deva: This music director son of Deva an expert in Kuthu and Gaana like his father was the right choice for Vijay’s masala entertainer Sivakaasi. The album was one of the greatest hits in Srikanth Deva’s carrer and earned him accolades. All songs were rocking hits, especially the intro song Vaada Vaada and the kuthu item Vadumaanga were adored by Vijay fans.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Arjunaru Villu...

There are a few songs which would make you fully charged with enthu the moment you listen to them. Like a current flowing from head to toes…. One such song is “Arjunaru Villu” from Ghilli.

Placed in a very critical situation of the movie, when it is at its top pace, this song really matches the tempo of the movie… This song running in the background briefly brings you a recap of the whole movie till then, as we watch Vijay and Trisha flying in a Gypsy on the highway… :-)

This song is of course one of Vijay’s own favorites too… In an interview after Ghilli he had said that when he drives back home in top speed every night after the shoot, he would play that song in his car.

Sung by Sukhwinder Singh with vocal support from Manikka Vinayagam this song was tuned by Vijay’s hit combo composer Vidhyasagar.

U can listen to the song online from this link.

P.S: This song is my caller tune for more than an year now ;-)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Anuradha Sriram - The Voice of Vijay's Heroines

If Tippu is the voice of Vijay then the female lead voice who has invariably sung for lots and lots of heroines of Vijay is Anuradha Sriram. Her extra ordinary voice that ranges all levels of pitch and her abilities to modulate and modify her voice in different styles have been put to use effectively for many songs of Vijay.

And not to forget that she is the only singer to have sung three duets with Vijay till date. The list of huge hits that she has sung in Vijay’s movies is as below:

Olli Olli Idupe – Aadhi

Ennatha Solvenungo – Sivakaasi

Appan panna thappula – Thiruppachi

Elanthapazham – Madurey

Appadi Podu – Ghilli

Missisipi NadhiPriyamaanavale (with Vijay)

Nilave Nilave – Nilaave Vaa(with Vijay)

Mouriya MouriyaPriyamudan(with Vijay)

Oru Naal Oru Kanavu – Kannukul Nilavu

Roja Poonthottam – Kannukkul Nilavu

Maatu Maatu – Thamizhan

Malligaye – Ninaithen Vandhaai

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Odd Voices

There are quite a few odd singers whose voice no one would have thought would suit Vijay. Still there are such songs and the amazing fact is that Vijay has successfully made himself suitable for the voice easily through his expressions and body language.

Here is a list of such voices:

Appan panna thappula (Thirupaachi) – Pushpavanam Kuppusamy

Kattu Kattu Keera Kattu (Thiruppachi) – Manikka Vinayagam

Gundu maanga (Sachien) – Jassie Gift

Sariya Thappa (Nenjinile) – Deva

Welcome Girls (Priyamaanavale) – Sukhvinder Singh

Oh Pyaari (Poove Unakaaga) – Aadithyan [Though SA Rajkumar’s voice is the lead and Aadithyan’s voice is meant for Charlie, Vijay does lip sync for both voices :-D]

Oh Uncle (Minsaara Kanna) – Mano (Mano has sung many songs for Vijay but the thing is, he would have sung this song in TMS style which looks odd for Vijay)

Any other such voices that missed the way to the list?? :-)

Friday, August 25, 2006

Tippu - The New Voice of Vijay

Many singers have sung for Vijay till date and Vijay knows the knack of adapting to any voice through his body language. But one single voice that has become almost an indispensable one in Vijay’s recent films is that of Tippu.

Tippu’s voice flowing with full of vibrance and his energy-packed renditions being in sync for fast dance numbers of Vijay is one of the prime reasons for this combination to work out successfully.

Many of the recent hit songs of Vijay were sung by Tippu and a short recap will make us realize this:

Ippo Illaati Eppo – Aadhi

Varaan Varaan Aadhi – Aadhi

Kodambakkam Area – Sivakaasi

Nee Endha Ooru – Thiruppachi

Elanthapazham – Madurey

Soora Thenga – Ghilli

Thaam Thakka – Thirumalai

Dhimsui Katta - Thirumalai

Annamala Thambi – Pudhiya Geethai

Hot Party - Thamizhan

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Allah Un Aanaipadi…

For those who are wondering if such a song had come featuring Vijay… Yes, it had. One of Vijay’s early movies Chandralekha with Vanitha Vijayakumar playing the female lead had this song. It is a beautifully composed romantic melody by Maestro Ilayaraja and sung by Unnikrishnan and Preethi Utham Singh.

Vijay plays a Muslim in the film and Vanitha a Hindu Brahmin. So the whole song is set with a Hindu-Muslim integration feel. The music and lyrics express this in an excellent manner.

An example is this:

Female: Kaadhalukku undu kalyana raasi
Sertthu vaikum nammai allavin aasi

Male: Kel kadhu kulira kaadhal enum geethai naalum padippen

Shot completely in the Indian Wonder Taj Mahal, Agra, this song is also a visual delight. An interesting thing which many would not know is that, there was no permission granted for playing a film song in Taj Mahal. So, during the shoot, Vijay and Vanitha were singing out the song actually without the song playing in the background, as with normal shoots.

The song can be listened to online at this link.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Maestro’s music for Vijay

Maestro Ilayaraja is someone any actor would consider as a privilege to work with and have his name on the title cards of their movie. For Vijay the opportunity struck not once but 5 times in his career till now.

Ilayaraja has composed music for Vijay’s movies Raajavin Paarvayile, Chandralekha, Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai, Kannukkul Nilavu and Friends. There were quite a lot of hit songs from these movies, mostly melodies that touch your soul.

The biggest of all was Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai which was a kind of beginning of a new innings for Ilayaraja ever since Rahman’s arrival. All songs were huge hits and the film itself was a superhit.

The credit of streamlining Vijay’s singing talent goes to Ilayaraja. Vijay had sung quite a few songs previously, but “Oh Baby Baby” by Vijay in Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai is a song that established him as a playback singer too. Ilayaraja appreciated him after the recording of the song, which is quite an award for him.

Later while composing for the next Vijay-Faasil movie Kannukul Nilavu, Ilayaraja again used Vijay’s voice towards the film’s ending in the small bit “Iravu Pagalai theda”. It was again through Ilayaraja’s music that Vijay got a chance to act in songs sung by the legend KJ Yesudas. Some of the great compositions of Ilayaraja in Vijay’s movies are:

  • Oru sudar Iru Sudar from Raajavin Paarvayile
  • Arumbum thalire and Allah Un Aanai from Chandralekha
  • Ennai Thaalaata, Oru Pattampoochi, Oh Baby Baby, Aanandha Kuyil from KM
  • Roja Poondhottam, Oru Naal Oru Kanavu, Iravu pagalai from Kannukul Nilavu
  • Rukku Rukku, Thendral varum and Kuyilukku Koo Koo from Friends

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Vijay, The Singer : Part 2

A brief note about the super hit songs sung by Ilayathalapathy:

Oh Baby Baby – From Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai tuned by Ilayaraja. A melody in western style in soft romantic genre.

Mauriya Mauriya – For Priyamudan along with Anuradha Sriram. Music by Deva.

Nilave Nilave – With Anuradha Sriram for the movie Nilaave Vaa. A beautiful duet in semiclassical style. Music by Vidhyasagar.

Chandira Mandalathai – From the same movie, with SPB Charan and Harini

Ennoda Laila – A soft gaana from Badri composed by Ramana Gokula.

Ullathai Killadhe – From Thamizhan with Priyanka Chopra. Music by Imman.

Vaadi Vaadi – Latest from Vijay for Sachien. Full fledged gaana with excellent beats.

There is much more to come in his filmi career… This list is subject to amendments anytime :-)

Vijay, The Singer : Part 1

Vijay is not a professional singer. Nor he has learnt anyform of music. But music is in his blood, with his mother Shoba and uncle S.N. Surendar being trained singers. Whatever he has learnt by listening, he has tried to put forth through a few songs, which ofcourse, has turned out to be really fruitful.

There was a time when songs would pop up a message saying “Indha paadalai paadikondiruppavar ungal Vijay” (This song is being sung by your Vijay) Most of them were B Grade gaana songs and many went just unnoticed.

The major break through was in Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai where he sang “Vizhiyil Vizhimodhi Idhaya Kadhavondru Thirandhadhe” composed by Ilayaraja. That was what helped Vijay rediscover himself as a singer. He sang many songs in his voice after that most of which were big hits.

And a special thing is that, Vijay has done playback singing alone for a movie starring Surya. In the movie Periyanna directed by his father SAC, Vijay sang 3 songs for Surya under the music direction of Bharani.

I am sure very few would have listened to these songs. You can listen to tham from this link.

Vijay has sung three songs in the film, just like a professional singer. The gaana style "Dum Adikara Style", Duet with Swarnalatha "Jutterileena" and the very naughty "Roadla oru chinna ponnu". Listen and enjoy!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Bharathikku Kannamma....

From melody back to fast genre…

How well can burning desire, mad love be expressed through… Lyrics?? Music?? Singing?? Visuals?? Hmmm… All of these together?? That’s what “Bharathikku Kannamma” from Priyamudan offers you.

One of the rare jewels from the Gaana Workshop of Deva, this song clearly sets the mood in the film about a obsessive lover craving for his lady love. Such a song cannot be excecuted so beautifully by anyone other than the great SPB. The emotion and feel you observe in his voice in this particular song is amazing.

If the audio department does so much, the visual department is no lesser. With an expressive dancer like Vijay, there is nothing else needed to show the burning passion onscreen. He dances madly, in a classy way – just in the way a crazy lover lets out his emotions. Words cannot express this, it should be watched on screen!!!

Set in the apt backdrops of dry Rajasthan this song featuring Vijay and Kowsalya is a delight to watch forever!!

You can listen to the song from the link in this page.

Those who wanna enjoy the song right now, you can get a miniature video from here.

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