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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Nee Kaatru... Naan Maram

Its time for a melody… If I close my eyes and list down a few songs which would soothe me anytime and relieve me from all stress and tension, then this song will surely be there in that list….

A song from Vijay’s home production Nilaave Vaa sung beautifully by Hariharan and Chitra. With Vairamuthu’s extraordinary lyrics set the tune by Vijay’s all time hit combo music director Vidhyasagar, this is really a great song that speaks volumes about inseparable love. The lyrics flowing through the whole song in "Nee..Naan" style is simply superb!!!!

Beautifully shot in cool locations with Vijay and Suvalakshmi, the song was a big hit even though the movie sanked in the box office. Comparisons to another Vidhyasagar song “Malare Mounama” are inevitable mainly because of the similar orchestration and picturisation.

I hope the song will be available in this link.

I will not be doing justice if I end this post without the lyrics of this song.. So here they are:

"nee kaatru naan maram
enna sonnalum thalai aatuven

nee mazhai naan boomi
engu vizhundalum endhi koLven

nee iravu naan viNmeen
nee irukkum varai thaan naan iruppen"

"nee alai naan karai
ennai adithaalum etru koLven

nee udal naan nizhal
nee vizhavendam naan vizhuven

nee kiLai naan ilai
unnai ottum varaikkum thaan uyir tharippen

nee vizhi naan imai
unnai serum varaikkum naan thudithiruppen

nee swaasam naan deham
naan unnai mattum uyir thoda anumadhippen" (nee kaatru..)

"nee vaanam naan neelam
unnil naanai kalandhiruppen

nee eNNam naan vaarthai
nee sollum pozhudhey veLi paduven

nee veyil naan kuil
un varugai paarthuthaan naan isaippen

nee udai naan idai
unai urangum pozhudum naan udithiruppen

nee pagal naan oLi
endrum unnai mattum saarndhey naan iruppen" (nee kaatru..)


  • At 4:45 AM , Blogger bestofbala said...

    You are simply stealing my heart in this blogpage. This song (along with a small flashback) showed vijay with a hairstyle thats partitioned in an attempt to show different & younger. That Marron embroided shirt and the Ivory color pant simply the best costume in the movie :)

    That pista shirt (again !) with dark Greeen pant and the calm subtle pose holding the Mic is my favourite still in the movie - Siluvai the Bad Boy.

  • At 8:46 AM , Blogger Venky said...

    1 of the then of my fav songs


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