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Monday, October 23, 2006

Kannum Kannumthaan Kalandhaachu...

One of the few Vijay songs that falls under “Different” category. Appearing in the second half of the movie, this song is like a breeze among storms, waterfall in a desert.. hee hee, classy song in a mass movie.
Set in tune by guest composer ManiSharma and choreographed by Shobi Paulraj, this song is a real entertainer. It runs for 5 minutes and 56 seconds(very lengthy for a Vijay song) but never bores you.
Harish Raghavendra sounds good as usual while Uma Ramanan makes a comeback after a long time.
Vijay and Trisha, one of the best onscreen pair is a delight to watch in this song. Sporting different looks in different costumes, naughty expressions, great chemistry… It makes me think every time I watch this song “Why don’t they act together in every movie?” :-D

Picturised in beautiful locales of South Africa (I guess so) this rap+ melody+ dance number is totally different from usual mass songs of Vijay.


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