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Friday, August 25, 2006

Tippu - The New Voice of Vijay

Many singers have sung for Vijay till date and Vijay knows the knack of adapting to any voice through his body language. But one single voice that has become almost an indispensable one in Vijay’s recent films is that of Tippu.

Tippu’s voice flowing with full of vibrance and his energy-packed renditions being in sync for fast dance numbers of Vijay is one of the prime reasons for this combination to work out successfully.

Many of the recent hit songs of Vijay were sung by Tippu and a short recap will make us realize this:

Ippo Illaati Eppo – Aadhi

Varaan Varaan Aadhi – Aadhi

Kodambakkam Area – Sivakaasi

Nee Endha Ooru – Thiruppachi

Elanthapazham – Madurey

Soora Thenga – Ghilli

Thaam Thakka – Thirumalai

Dhimsui Katta - Thirumalai

Annamala Thambi – Pudhiya Geethai

Hot Party - Thamizhan


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