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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Absolute Romantic Breeze !

Most of the die-hard vijay fan would have guessed the song. This film is start of vijay to one such pinnacle what he is in now. Movie is action masala which is almost called as "vijay formula" now a days. The song is "Azhagooril Poothavale". This looked like yet another romantic duet shot on foreign locales. I was tired of seeing and hoping vijay would make a hit movie. A sting of flops. Vain attempt to change hairdo, Larger than life roles in a sagging screenplay, poor imitations of telugu or Rajinikanth movies all had made me tired really, dog-tired.

The song showed the genuine love in the eyes of Vijay. It had been very long time to see vijay emoting so naturally and well. Though chemistry between vijay & Jyo was not the best, the song really appealed to me.

There is a "SPB" factor in this song that made me instantly fall in love with this. A good one worth bookmarking for long time.


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