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Monday, August 21, 2006

Bharathikku Kannamma....

From melody back to fast genre…

How well can burning desire, mad love be expressed through… Lyrics?? Music?? Singing?? Visuals?? Hmmm… All of these together?? That’s what “Bharathikku Kannamma” from Priyamudan offers you.

One of the rare jewels from the Gaana Workshop of Deva, this song clearly sets the mood in the film about a obsessive lover craving for his lady love. Such a song cannot be excecuted so beautifully by anyone other than the great SPB. The emotion and feel you observe in his voice in this particular song is amazing.

If the audio department does so much, the visual department is no lesser. With an expressive dancer like Vijay, there is nothing else needed to show the burning passion onscreen. He dances madly, in a classy way – just in the way a crazy lover lets out his emotions. Words cannot express this, it should be watched on screen!!!

Set in the apt backdrops of dry Rajasthan this song featuring Vijay and Kowsalya is a delight to watch forever!!

You can listen to the song from the link in this page.

Those who wanna enjoy the song right now, you can get a miniature video from here.


  • At 4:43 AM , Blogger bestofbala said...

    Vow ! Awesome songs.. That blue jean and the pista green shirt :)

    Dark blue jean and the pinky blazer... His tight lips for songs and his love struck looks helped the sober song to be a hit


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